How to Take Action!

Priority: Contact the Mayor and all City Council Members

The quickest way you can help is to contact Mayor Rawlings and all the members of the Dallas City Council and urge them to pass a stronger gas drilling ordinance that will protect all Dallas residents. Here’s an easy “email action” link–you can do this right now.

Better still, if you know who your City Council member is you can contact him or her personally to make sure your message gets through. Here’s a link where you can find out who represents you at City Hall. (This is a map of the newly redrawn city council districts–you may be in a different district than you remember.)

The most important idea that we need you to communicate to your City Council member is that Dallas needs a stronger, more effective ordinance to prevent any possible negative effect gas drilling operation might have on residents and businesses. We’ve identified several important ways that the current proposed ordinance falls short of this. You can download this one-page summary here and use it when you call or email your City Council member.

Increase your impact: Speak up, Speak out

Here are some effective ways that anyone can get more deeply involved and help shape a better gas drilling ordinance:

  • Sign up to speak at the “open microphone” public comment period during any Wednesday City Council meeting. You must call and register to do this ahead of time: Click here for instructions to speak at City Council.
  • Call or email your City Council member to request an in-person meeting about the gas drilling ordinance. To do this, you’ll need to know who represents you at City Hall. Click here to find out. We are more than willing to help you request a meeting, of course, and we can also make sure someone from our group goes with you to the meeting so you’re not on your own. Please contact us so we can help: 214-599-7840 or zac at
  • Have your neighborhood group or organization sign on to our “Five Protections” resolution. The more organizations we have supporting this, the more seriously City Council members will take it. Click here to download the resolution. Contact us if your group wants to sign on!

Weekly Strategy Sessions

Dallas Residents at Risk is holding weekly planning meetings from now until the City Council adopts its new gas drilling ordinance. You’re welcome to attend, learn more, and give us your ideas and suggestions!

Tuesdays at 6:00PM
Texas Campaign for the Environment
3303 Lee Parkway #402
Dallas, TX 75219

We discuss recent updates, new ideas and upcoming events at each meeting. It’s a way to brainstorm and keep building momentum. We look forward to seeing you there, and we appreciate all your efforts!


2 responses to “How to Take Action!

  1. nagesh achanta

    I am opposing gas permit for this company as I am parent of nhp school student.

  2. nagesh achanta

    Opposing gas permit.

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