Parks are for Chillin’, not for Drillin’

Thanks to so much work and effort from so many people, and thanks to an incredible coalition of local organizers and community leaders throughout the city, plans to drill on public park land—and to build a mini-gas-refinery next to a huge new soccer complex—are finally, officially dead. As of this moment, there are zero pending gas drilling applications in Dallas. Even better, we’re on our way to getting a strong new gas drilling ordinance that will be the lasting legacy of our involvement in this issue.

Back in December, Mayor Rawlings called a few reporters to his office to tell them what was going to happen with these drilling applications. Here’s how the Dallas Observer put it:

So, does Mike Rawlings think Trinity East is allowed to drill in a floodplain? “They will,” he replied. “That deal was cut. If they drill. That’s a business decision for them,” he said.

Knowing the deal had been un-cut by Dallas residents, Rawlings was absolutely furious at yesterday’s public hearing, treating the crowd of people wishing to testify with utter contempt. First he tried to force us to pick 4-5 people to speak for the other 50, and when we refused, he rudely interrupted and cut off countless speakers, including a 16-year old student who attends a school very near one of the proposed drilling sites. Then he gave a speech in which he claimed to be against allowing any gas drilling in Dallas, but strongly in favor of allowing this drilling because he feared a $100 million lawsuit would follow a denial. We needed 4 votes for denial and we got 6. Well done. Here’s some of the press coverage.

Dallas Observer

Dallas Morning News

KERA News 

CBS News 

ABC News

Dallas Observer

CultureMap Dallas

D Magazine 

Dallas Business Journal

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your contributions and participation, and we’re going to need your continued involvement. After the excitement of this victory wears off, the next stop for this train is the strong new gas drilling ordinance we’ve all been working toward for years. All aboard.



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4 responses to “Parks are for Chillin’, not for Drillin’

  1. So proud of the residents of Dallas and others who worked behind the scenes to make this a Big success!

  2. We are taking inspiration from your grassroots campaign’s success as we work to convince Allegheny County, PA government to not frack our county parks. Very glad to have Dallas as a beacon!
    For those in the greater Pittsburgh area, join us:

  3. Bob Schmetzer

    Protecting the Health, Safety, and Welfare of all of the citizens is the most important item on the agenda. Cities can be sued and can sue back. The business of Government is to serve the community. Not the community serving industry. A clean wholesome environment protects the health, property values, peace and serenity of any community. Everyone’s home is their castle and safe spot here on earth. To have poisons injected into their homes by permits is a criminal act, not a governmental duty. We The People have to get the bull by the horns and show them who is boss !

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