Support a Strong Ordinance, Oppose Drilling on Parks

This month the gas drilling debate is heating up again in Dallas. There are two important public hearings coming up that we need you to participate in! Citizen involvement is how we’ve come this far and we can’t afford to stop now.

First, the Dallas City Plan Commission has (finally) begun writing a new local ordinance to govern all potential gas drilling operations. This is a very big deal: the rules city officials put into place now will determine our fate for years to come. At first, it seemed as if the Plan Commission was moving to enact a strong, protective ordinance, but now they are being pushed to weaken the rules and allow drilling closer to homes, schools, businesses and parks. Residents have essentially ONE chance to speak out in support of a strong ordinance, so please attend this hearing! To learn more, you can read about what we want the ordinance to include and watch the most recent CBS News story.

City Plan Commission Public Hearing
August 22nd, 1:30PM
Dallas City Council Chambers
1500 Marilla, 6th Floor

Next, Mayor Rawlings and the City Council will be holding a final vote on the Trinity East gas drilling applications that were denied twice by the City Plan Commission. They need 12 votes to overturn the previous decision, which seems unlikely. But we cannot take anything for granted at this point, and so we need residents to come speak out against this proposal. Two of the drilling sites are on public park land, one is near a school, and the third includes a huge gas processing facility and compressor station just a few hundred feet away from the new Elm Fork Soccer Complex. There’s a reason these permits have already been denied, and we need to make sure Mayor Rawlings and the City Council uphold that decision. You can watch the ABC News story about this and read the Dallas Morning News article.

City Council Vote
August 28th, 9:00AM
Dallas City Council Chambers
1500 Marilla, 6th Floor

As always, success will mean strong citizen participation. Please come to the hearing and vote and express your opinion in person. There’s no substitute for your face-to-face interaction. Dallas officials need to hear from you!


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