Where do the Candidates Stand?

Next stop for the gas drilling debate: Dallas City Council elections. The issue is featured in every candidate questionnaire, every forum and debate, and most campaign articles and news reports. It’s a factor in every City Council race, and could be the deciding factor in some. This is a sign of success, folks. But it won’t matter unless the right candidates win. That means you need to get out there and help the right candidates win. So here are some articles and resources to get educated about where those who wish to serve stand on this front-burner issue.

A Breather’s Guide to Voting in Dallas City Council Races

In its recent Dallas City Council questionnaire, The Dallas Morning News asked this question: What is your position, for or against, allowing gas drilling in Dallas and the city’s attempts to regulate it? Here are their answers.

When was the last time you confused gas drilling with marriage equality?

Just left an editorial board meeting on the District 1 council seat — Delia Jasso vs. Scott Griggs, a head-to-head match up of two council incumbents brought about by redistricting. Shock: That a council member would,  shall we say, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeend the truth…. really?

Contest heating up in Dallas City Council race to represent Preston Hollow, nearby neighborhoods (subscription required)

On the hot-button issue of gas drilling, Burk says he’s opposed to it anywhere in the city, even though he is an investor in oil and gas ventures. Staubach Gates says that she’s opposed to drilling near neighborhoods, but that there are a few areas of the city where it could be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

Alonzo facing limited challenge in Dallas City Council District 6 race (subscription required)

The City Plan Commission rejected Trinity East’s request for drilling permits, sending the matter to the City Council for a final decision. Because of the commission’s opposition, Trinity East needs a supermajority of 12 council votes. Alonzo said Tuesday that she would not support the permits and opposes drilling anywhere in the city.

Big Day in Big D Drilling Fight: DMN Comes Out Swinging, and Claudia Meyer Will Take On Vonciel Hill for Council Seat

We’re very encouraged to hear the news this morning that longtime neighborhood advocate and clean air supporter Claudia Meyer is filing to run against Vonciel Hill in the newly-created District 3 that covers southwest Dallas. Most people reading this will instantly recognize her as the motherly-figure that has guided Dallas neighborhood resistance to irresponsible gas drilling for the last four years.

Editorial: We recommend Adam Medrano for Dallas City Council District 2

We also were pleasantly surprised when he told us that he opposes gas drilling in urban areas, adding that he would urge his aunt to vote against the contentious Trinity East gas drilling deal.

Dallas Morning News Voters Guide

Phillip Kingston (District 14): I oppose gas drilling, fracking, and refining within the city limits of Dallas. These activities are inconsistent with my focus on improving residential quality of life, but they will also do long-term damage to Dallas’s ability to attract economic development.

More to come, of course. Early voting starts on April 29th, and election day is May 11th. Find a candidate you support and contact them to volunteer. City Council elections are often decided by just a few votes, so your impact will be magnified. Get to work, people!


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