Rock the Vote

Back in February, the Dallas City Plan Commission delayed their vote on the first three gas drilling applications and asked the City Council to clear the air on whether gas drilling should be allowed on park lands and floodplains. Of course, the City Council has done exactly nothing since then. But the City Plan Commission is scheduled to hold their final vote anyway, on March 21st. To be clear, this is a bad proposal to drill on public park land along the Trinity River—and to build a gas processing facility near the new Elm Fork Soccer Complex, which will be the city’s largest outdoor recreation area. The City Plan Commission voted against this in December, but then agreed to “reconsider” their decision. We need you to attend the public hearing and speak out. You can rock this vote!

Thursday, March 21st, 1:00PM
Dallas City Hall, Flag Room
1500 Marilla St, 6th Floor

Of course, you can also contact the City Plan Commission today and give them a piece of your mind. Texas Campaign for the Environment has an email link here.

What’s at Stake?

These are site plans prepared by Trinity East. In February’s public testimony, they said: “This isn’t a gas processing plant.”

Toxic Air Pollution – Gas drilling and processing facilities constantly release a variety of hazardous chemicals into the air. These include chemicals known to cause cancer as well as those known or linked to causing hormone damage in children. According to the gas company’s own estimates, their processing facility would be the tenth largest source of hazardous air pollution in Dallas.

Land and Water Contamination – Drilling is messy. Drilling in the floodplain is even messier. A University of Texas study released last year concluded there is more of a risk of chemical surface spills from gas and oil fracking than any other kind of drilling. This gas company has already drilled a well along the Trinity River in Irving that had a casing failure beneath our underground aquifers. The company reported that no contamination occurred as a result, but no independent testing was required to verify whether our aquifers are fully protected.

Risk of Accidents and Explosions – Refining equipment, compressor stations, storage tanks and other processing facilities all contribute to a higher risk of serious accidents or explosions. Thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals and highly explosive material can be kept on-site for years.


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