Save Our Parks

Action Alert: Public Hearing on Gas Drilling in Dallas Parks

As Mayor Rawlings and the City Council struggle to decide on a new local ordinance that will govern gas drilling in Dallas, the push to drill is threatening our parks: Fracking companies have leased thousands of acres of city-owned parkland, and they want to move forward before the new ordinance is in place.

Does this look like a good place to drill?

The Dallas City Plan Commission is set to vote soon on the first proposed drilling sites! We need you to come, speak up, and help save our parks. Click here to send an email to Mayor Rawlings and the City Council.

Thursday, December 20th, 1:30 p.m.
Dallas City Hall, City Council Chambers, 6th floor
1500 Marilla, Dallas 75201

The first drilling sites up for a vote are adjacent to the proposed Elm Fork Soccer Complex, the newly renovated Luna Vista Golf Course and Elm Fork Shooting Sports. There are also hike and bike trails, horse stables and at least one school nearby. Other areas that have been leased include Crown Park and California Crossing Park.

Drilling in the River Bottom?

Is this a good place for drilling rigs, chemical storage tanks, gas compressors and pipelines?

Not only are these sites in publicly-owned parklands, but two of them are also within the 100-year floodplain. These are sensitive ecological areas, and the current city ordinance does not allow gas drilling within floodplains. This is a good restriction to keep because the combination of a toxic spill or accident and a heavy rain event could result in hazardous chemicals washing into the Trinity River. Flooding could put fracking chemical storage tanks and drilling equipment under water.

Come have your say at the public meeting! If the City Plan Commission votes to approve these drilling permits, they will go to Mayor Rawlings and the City Council for final approval. Clearly, Dallas officials should finish the new city ordinance before moving foward with any drilling. We need you to help protect our parks and the Trinity River for generations to come. Dallas is at an important crossroads, and your voice can make all the difference.


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