Waste-disposal wells from gas drilling linked to North Texas quakes

Yet another article, this one from Saturday’s Dallas Morning News, confirming what was once considered “crazy talk”: Gas drilling waste water injection wells are in fact causing earthquakes in North Texas. The Gas Drilling Task Force has recommended keeping these toxic injection wells out of Dallas, but some City Council members are still advocating for their use inside our city limits. Maybe they still don’t believe in scientific evidence? It wouldn’t be the first time….

North Texas historically has been a sleepy backwater for earthquakes. But as the region has converted into a natural-gas frontier, things have gotten shakier. People in Johnson County felt new evidence of the trend early Friday. The U.S. Geological Survey said a 3.1-magnitude quake hit at 2:02 a.m. about 11 miles north-northeast of Cleburne and was felt as far away as Plano and Denton. The agency said the quake occurred 3.1 miles below ground.

Scientists said Friday that they think they know why North Texas is seeing more quakes……. A National Research Council panel said the increased earthquake risk probably comes from injecting large amounts of gas drilling waste water underground for disposal.

The Barnett Shale, which stretches from Dallas County to the west past Fort Worth, has nearly 20,000 natural-gas production wells. Almost all were drilled in the past five years. But the region has only about 100 waste injection wells. Scientists have tied the timing and locations of earthquakes to the injection wells.


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  1. With enough earth movement from drilling, perforating and fracking here will be plenty of earthquakes all around Dallas even without any injection wells. Our soil is already very unstable. It doesn’t take much to move our North Texas earth.

    North Texas contains some of the highest levels of soil plasticity, leading to foundation repair work as a commonplace event to area homes.


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