DMN Editorial: Council Misses the Point on Fracking

Check it out, worth the read.

I was frustrated watching a succession of southern Dallas City Council members take their turn at the microphone yesterday to ask questions of the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force regarding urban fracking within the city limits. Southern Dallas is top on the list of prospective places to drill. One by one, members tried to get top members of the task force to recommend a course of action. And task force members repeatedly punted the issue right back into the council’s lap.

Several asked: Should we allow drilling in the Trinity River floodplain? Lois Finkelman, the task force chairwoman, refused to take a stand, insisting that it was the council’s decision. All she could say was that other industrial uses already exist within the floodplain. The implication being, heck, why not throw a few fracking pad sites into the mix?


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One response to “DMN Editorial: Council Misses the Point on Fracking

  1. Who is that Sir Gaga (in the comments) who is just providing diversion for the issue? Also, the point is made by the editorial writer…about cleaning up waste like “pig’s blood.” And comparing all other industrial activity in Dallas to shale gas drilling and fracking ~ these statements show the need to fill in a lot of information that is missing.

    What we do know, is there can be no comparison to most other industrial activity when the ground water can be contaminated with chemicals and/or methane that makes its way back to the surface after drilling and fracking into the formation (aka Flowback). This chemically-laced water is very difficult to recycle and/or clean up with methods we have available now. People may have access to this water without knowing of its toxicity…people and all creatures great and small will develop cancers and diseases because of it. Not to mention that the process of drilling, fracking and production will change the infrastructure of Dallas at taxpayers’ expense. The industry lobbies hard to keep street repair out of the ordinance. They see it as an expense cities should take because of upfront bonuses.

    Gas gathering pipelines. The three main types of pipelines are Transmission Lines, Gathering Lines and Distribution Lines. These distribution lines are the ones that bring the natural gas into your home or business and they ARE odorized.

    Gas gathering lines (unodorized) will be necessary everywhere to take the gas produced at a pad site to market. They are buried in the ground without anyone overseeing that from a regulatory agency. We’ve seen them at work doing this…and we don’t see anyone watching. Again, gas gathering pipelines are unodorized. So, if there is a leak (and ALL pipelines leak) no one will know…these gathering lines that are buried and run down the street near you can potentially blow up your neighborhood without warning. And they have. More than you may realize.

    Recent story about the New Report on non-regulation of gas gathering pipelines. Read the comments, too:

    Link to the actual GAO Report referred to above on the issue of non-regulation of the gas gathering pipeline system in the US:

    List of All Known Pipeline Accidents:

    Video of a gas explosion in North Texas ~ June 7, 2010:

    The pipeline “Pig” that “accidentally” got away and almost killed:

    YES. The Dallas City Council may be missing a lot of the points about shale gas drilling and fracking.

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