Save the Trinity!

A new map produced by the City of Dallas shows that huge swaths of Trinity River park lands, following the waterway from the northwest border of Dallas almost all the way into downtown, has been leased to a company which uses hydraulic fracturing to drill for natural gas. All areas in black hatching on this map have been leased for drilling. We need you to come to City Hall now to help save the Trinity!

If You Care……
Be There

City Council Briefing: Gas Drilling Ordinance
Wednesday, May 16th, 1PM

City Hall Briefing Room: 1500 Marilla, Room 6ES

Just as tensions have flared over a proposed parking lot on park land at Winfrey Point, the City Council will soon vote on a new ordinance to govern gas drilling operations within Dallas. Some of the most controversial items Mayor Rawlings and the City Council will vote on will be whether to allow fracking on vast amounts of park lands along the Trinity River and whether to reverse the current prohibition against drilling inside flood plains. Both measures would be necessary to allow gas company Trinity East to move forward with plans to drill on thousands of acres that it has leased along the river corridor. In addition, two park lands in northwest Dallas have been leased to the gas company: Crown Park, home to baseball and soccer fields, and the area of the proposed Elm Fork Athletic Complex.

Dallas has a choice: We can create a world-class park system for future generations to enjoy, or we can create a river of gas wells instead.

City Council members will receive a briefing from the Gas Drilling Task Force on its final recommendations on May 16th at 1:00 PM in room 6ES at City Hall. We need you to attend to demonstrate your support for protecting the Trinity River and our park lands!

If you haven’t done so already, please email Mayor Rawlings and the City Council now and urge them pass a gas drilling ordinance that will protect Dallas residents and our environment. Also, please forward this message to a friend and share it through social media. Democracy only works when people participate!


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