River of Gas Wells?

Here are some great stories that show the danger to the Trinity River and our parklands. Check ’em out!

Dallas parks, bike trails, flood plain leased to gas company

Fox 4: Gas drilling planned along Trinity River

Dallas Morning News: Environmentalists wary of potential natural-gas drilling plans in Dallas

A week before the Dallas City Council takes a step toward deciding how to regulate natural-gas drilling, advocates of tight rules pointed Tuesday to a map that shows parkland and Trinity River flood plains included in a city lease to one gas company.

The inclusion of parkland and environmentally sensitive flood plains in potential drilling plans has set up another round in a two-year fight over how tough the city will be on gas drilling and its industrial accompaniments.

Dallas Observer: Trinity East wants to drill in the floodplain

Texas Campaign for the Environment released a map, provided by City Hall, of where drilling company Trinity East hopes to poke a few holes in the earth, pump in a mystery stew of noxious chemicals and suck out natural gas. You guessed it: The land is almost entirely in the Trinity floodplain, either on or near existing parks or on land intended for possible park development.

As things stand now, drilling isn’t allowed in parks or the floodplain — because it, you know, floods and washes stuff into the river — though that could change.


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