Too Close for Comfort

Here’s an excellent story about the grassroots organizing that’s happening right now to pass a strong gas drilling ordinance in Dallas. Many thanks to Phyllis Guest and Raymond Crawford for the work they are doing to protect all Dallas residents! Check out the video:

At the end of the story, the gas drilling industry claims “there are no studies justifying a 1,000-foot setback”. This is, of course, not true at all. Just last month this study from the Colorado School of Public Health at the University of Colorado showed that “people living within a half-mile of oil- and gas-well fracking operations were exposed to air pollutants five times above a federal hazard standard,” and “both non-cancer and cancer risks increase for residents living within a half-mile of wells.” For those who may have forgotten, a half-mile is over 2,500 feet!

Here in the Metroplex, this article from today’s Dallas Morning News explains that “the results of three air samples taken in Collyville on three days in February 2012 at distances from the well of about 1,100 feet, 1,500 feet and 1,700 feet…. A lab identified 13 chemicals and tentatively identified 13 more.” The story goes on to say that six of these chemicals exceeded the state hazard levels for long-term exposure.

It’s perfectly clear to residents that Dallas’ current proposal to allow drilling within 500 feet of our homes, businesses, schools, parks and places of worship is unacceptable. Even the recommendation of 1,00 feet is not enough protection. Now we need Mayor Rawlings and Dallas City Council members to see through the false claims of the gas drilling industry and agree to protect beneficial economic development and quality of life.


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